Cloevis Biofilm Removal Service (Cloevis BRS) is an innovative technology offering that removes the biofilms that adhere to the inner surfaces of wastewater forcemain walls, including the underlying Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) that produce hydrogen sulfide. As a result, gaseous hydrogen sulfide (H2 S) production is eliminated. The treatment requires an initial conditioning period when the biofilm that harbors the SRB’s is removed, followed by maintenance treatments that are repeated as monitored lines show signs of SRB reformation.

The Cloevis technology, delivered as a turn-key, fixed-cost, full-service program, provides the following benefits relative to conventional sulfide control treatments:

  • Avoidance or minimization of onsite chemical storage
  • Independence from sulfide loading, retention time or oxygen uptake
  • No labor/maintenance requirement
  • Removal of sulfide odors for up to three weeks after treatment cycle
  • Elimination of methane production within the treated segment
  • No downstream adverse impacts due to residual treatment chemicals
  • Effective cost similar to caustic shocking and less than nitrate or iron salts

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Download Cloevis-BRS-Municipal-Tech-Bulletin-17-LR (pdf)