Nitrogen oxides are major pollutants in the atmosphere and are a precursor to acid rain, photochemical smog, and ozone accumulation. The oxides are mainly nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ), both of which are corrosive and hazardous to health.

Stationary Source Focus

With the use of catalytic converters on automobiles, the initial regulatory focus of controlling mobile NOx emissions has reached the point where further restriction has become economically impractical. Consequently, the stationary sources of NOx emissions are now being subjected to more stringent standards in many areas of the U.S . These stationary sources include nitric acid manufacturing plants, manufacturers of nitrated materials such as fertilizer and explosives, and industrial manufacturers such as metallurgical processors, glass manufacturers, cement kilns and power generators where high processing temperatures are used. Because of the environmental concerns posed by air pollution, a great deal of research and money has been expended to develop methods for controlling NOx emissions…

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