Full Service Solutions

Our turn-key, full-service programs allow our customers to quickly employ reliable and high quality storage and dosing equipment at no capital expense. USP owns, operates and maintains the equipment, and provides custom-tailored treatment programs, including chemical supply logistics, remote monitoring, performance evaluations and continuous optimization.

Once chosen, our dedicated program team will work relentlessly to meet performance and safety expectations of each system.

Application Evaluation

  • We work closely with our clients to understand their problem
  • We perform a stepwise evaluation of our clients’ existing process
  • Our experienced technical team will present multiple treatment options from our wide toolkit of technologies
  • We work with our clients on selecting best fit technologies based on treatment goals, budgets, site requirements, etc.

Equipment System Design & Engineering

USP supplies high quality, robust and reliable storage tanks and dosing systems with dual pumps and secondary containment, leak control and real time alarms.

System Operation & Maintenance

USP’s dedicated Program Manager along with our fleet of experienced Field Service Technicians is responsible for the reliable operation of each system. The team will perform all required maintenance, allowing our clients to enjoy a hands-off experience.

Chemical Supply Logistics

Through our Advanced Control System with remote monitoring capabilities, we manage tank levels and the logistics of chemical deliveries, providing reliable continuous supply and minimized downtime.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring capabilities allow our clients to check on their program 24/7. Tank levels, feed rates and alarms confirm that the system is operating according to the specifications.

Remote monitoring of H2S levels help ensure that the program is performing as designed.

Performance Evaluation

USP’s programs are managed by a dedicated local Program Manager based on an agreed upon “Level of Service” approach, where USP is responsible for meeting our customers’ performance objectives. USP provides performance monitoring and reports, along with regular performance review meetings to continually optimize each program and meet our customers expectations.

Continuous Optimization

Our local program manager is your primary contact and is responsible for the smooth day-to-day operation of the program.

Once established, each program goes through ongoing continuous improvement cycles to assure customer satisfaction and lasting value.

Total Chemical Management

Let us develop a cost effective and reliable chemical management program based on project specific chemicals, quantities, usage rates and other project constraints.