We are a leading provider of peroxygen-based
technologies and full-service chemical treatment programs.

Utilizing a collaborative problem solving approach, USP Technologies delivers efficient program results

Full-Service Programs

Our full-service programs integrate storage and dosing equipment systems, chemical supply, inventory and logistics management and ongoing field and technical support for applications treating wastewater, water, soil and air.

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Rapid Response

We combine experienced applications and equipment field support with a large inventory of storage and dosing equipment systems to quickly respond to time sensitive environmental situations.

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Bulk & Mini Bulk Solutions

USP can assist with the safe storage, handling and use of a variety of chemicals. Our systems are high quality and designed to the strictest of USP and chemical manufacturer standards. Storage options range from 500 to 15,000 gallons and are customized to usage patterns, space availability, terminal locations, etc.

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Total Chemical Management

Let us develop a cost effective, logistically optimized and reliable chemical management program based on project specific chemicals, quantities, usage rates and other project constraints.

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For odor & corrosion control, nutrient control programs
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Oil, Gas & Refinery

For refinery wastewater,
upstream produced water
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For H2S treatment,
BOD/COD reduction,
NOx/SOx abatement,
emergency/temp applications. Learn More

Rapid Response

Total Chemical Management
for soil and groundwater
treatment applicators. Learn More