PRI-TECH® is the logical extension of the “peroxide regenerated iron” approach to the management of orthophosphate within a wastewater treatment plant. The common preventative solution to address the phosphorus/struvite problem in wastewater treatment is to intervene chemically before the final dewatering step and force phosphate to precipitate in the solid phase. The traditional approach to addressing soluble phosphate is to remove it from solution by precipitating as ferric-phosphate.

USP’s PRI-TECH® solution minimizes the required amount of iron salt addition by re-using already existing [spent] iron. Hydrogen peroxide has the capability to regenerate spent iron to free ferric, which will become available to bind any phosphate that was released during anaerobic digestion as ferric-phosphate. The PRI-TECH® process also provides a lever to hedge against rising iron costs. Studies have shown that PRI-TECH® can be 20-70% cheaper than adding new iron to your process. Hydrogen peroxide not only effectively regenerates ferric iron for phosphate precipitation, but it also effectively oxidizes hydrogen sulfide, eliminating the ability of sulfides to reduce ferric ions, and minimizing the risk of vivianite formation in centrate and filtrate lines.