Rapid Response

Need a Quick Fix for your Odor Issues or Low Dissolved Oxygen in your wastewater treatment system??

USP Technologies specializes in rapid response programs for temporary supply of hydrogen peroxide, bulk storage and dosing equipment. Our experienced application engineers are available to help evaluate your problems and engineer cost-effective solutions.  Our skilled field service personnel will deliver turn-key solutions to help bring your problems under control in a matter of days.

Examples of successfu

  • Treatment of lagoons and ponds to control H2S and other odors
  • Temporary application of H2O2 as a source of supplemental dissolved oxygen in overloaded biological treatment systems
  • Pretreatment of high strength wastewaters to reduce BOD/COD loading to biological wastewater systems

With our unmatched hydrogen peroxide applications expertise, our large inventory of storage & feed systems and our comprehensive supply and distribution network across North America, we can mobilize chemicals and equipment quickly to almost any location in the United States and Canada.

Call us Now:  877-346-4262   Email: info@usptechnologies.com or visit our website: www.usptechnologies.com

Save our number and rest assured that you have a reliable partner when you need a quick fix for odor or high BOD problems!